About Us

We are Laura Jean Sargent and Filippa Harrington-Griffin; two friends who met whilst working as a PR and marketing manager and digital manager respectively, in the fashion industry. 

One day, we woke up.

We realised that we wanted and needed to make a more meaningful difference to our planet and its inhabitants. With climate change, food insecurity and the water crisis presenting the greatest challenges to our world today, we took to the road to try and understand how these issues are impacting our planet and what we can do to help.

Originally created as a means of documenting our discovery, today, In Our Nature stands as a platform for change.   It is under this umbrella, that we apply our professional skills to the greater good, providing integrated, multi channel solutions to the people, projects and places that are working hard for to make our world a better place.

Five years on, and with beneficiaries in seven countries, across three continents, we continue to re-purpose our skills and seek out new challenges across the globe. Whether together or apart, everyday, we strive to continue on this path; learning as much as we can about the issues at large and taking action to help alleviate them.

For further information on how we have been able to contribute to the places we’ve visited, please visit our Testimonials page.

“Nothing more can be attempted than to establish the beginning and the direction of an infinitely long road. The pretension of any systematic and definitive completeness would be, at least, a self-illusion. Perfection can here be obtained by the individual student only in the subjective sense that he communicates everything he has been able to see.”

-Georg Simmel