September 10, 2012


“These young women are absolutely wonderful helpers!  Not only did they jump right in with all of our farm work, but they also spent some of their time making our website. Wow!  They were so enthusiastic and absolutely vibrating with positive energy.  They gave great ideas on sustainable and simple living, helped create magnificant meals, got muddy and sweaty with us in the garden, and even started some of their own creative projects.  It is rare that two such beaming beings take time to travel and give so much of themselves along the way.  Very generous and shining star people.  Many blessings to them both, and to all who have the fortune to work with them.”

– Kimberly Gossett and Marcelo Buttice, Mama Roja

“Laura Jean and Filippa did an outstanding job making our dream of website come to fruition with remarkable enthusiasm, patience, flexibility and creativity. They had all the knowledge and persistence to make it look fantastic as well adding all the several requests the family members had! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Maria Fernanda Pereira Lima, Fazenda Santo Antonio da Agua Limpa